Yard Management

Flexible, scalable solutions to help you manage vehicle logistics in multiple locations.

TagFLEET is TagStone’s dealership management solution for service centres and vehicle logistics activities.

TagStone’s TagFLEET system is a flexible and scalable solution that allows car dealers as well as large enterprises with multiple locations to benefit from real-time visibility and business process automation.

TagFLEET leverages state-of-the-art wireless technologies that allow for the locating of vehicles with parking bay accuracy in outdoor environments. Wi-Fi access points receive the unique IDs transmitted by RFID tags temporarily attached to the vehicle and associated with the vehicle’s identification number or license plate. The ‘Tag Exciters’ are mounted at gates and choke points to allow for easy identification of RFID tags passing in the surrounding area of up to 8 metres.


Leverage TagFLEET, our proprietary yard management solution, to improve operational efficiency.

Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)

The primary functionality behind the PDI solution is to provide accurate location information. Accurate location information on vehicles will enable rapid processing of vehicles. This is especially true in the PDI staging area, vehicle arrival, and vehicle shipment. TagStone’s TagFLEET is able to provide instantaneous customer vehicle location information throughout the PDI and servicing processes.

In addition, the solution will record the amount of time each vehicle has physically been present in the PDI centre. The system then allows reports to be generated based on any database field available, such as vehicle brand, model, colour, etc. This allows managers to accurately determine how quickly vehicle processing is occurring by brand or model, and enables business decisions to be made based on this information.

Finally, the PDI solution enables alerting based on vehicle movement. A major KPI that dealerships are judged on by brand is whether or not vehicles are moved and quick PDI’d according to brand rules. The system can be used to generate alerts if a vehicle has not been moved for a predefined amount of time.

Service Centres

TagStone’s TagFLEET enables the operations team in any car dealership to manage process flows and bottlenecks during servicing. This in turn ensures full visibility into service processes of interest to the customer, such as the test drive, as well as process bottlenecks. Visibility into the service processes, coupled with historical analytics, provide car dealers’ operations teams with sufficient information to improve operations and reduce total service time, further impacting customer satisfaction.


Yard operators in the Automotive industry utilise TagStone’s proprietary technology solution to improve operational efficiency.

Companies in other industries can leverage our TagStone Labs to test and deploy tailored solutions that meet their business needs.

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