Work in Process

Solutions to help you transform your manufacturing process into a streamlined, efficient operation.

How do we produce great products quickly and cost-effectively?

It’s the challenge that keeps many of today’s manufacturers up at night. In an industry that focuses on cutting costs without compromising production excellence, manufacturers who can do both have a distinct competitive advantage.

However, there are many barriers to streamlining production. Elaborate assembly line processes occurring simultaneously; human error; lack of timely critical information; and lack of asset visibility can make the plant floor a challenging and inefficient environment.


Manufacturing companies rely on our proven strategies to:

  • Track assets throughout the assembly process
  • Automate assembly lines
  • Manage inventory needed to drive production
  • Reduce error

From developing a business case through to implementation, TagStone’s Work-in-Process solutions can transform your operations by streamlining assembly and production lines.


A powerful solution to help you transform operations and reinvent the production process.

Improved inventory and asset visibility provides accurate information about production lines. Also enables seamless replenishment of materials throughout the manufacturing, maintenance or assembly process

Fewer production delays and less down time due to line stoppages, rework and human error

Improved supplier relationships – they can be integrated into the production process at appropriate points

Automated assembly lines reduce costs, labor and errors, and promote flexibility for custom orders



Our work-in-process solutions have proven highly effective for manufacturers in the Automotive and Energy industries.

Manufacturers in other industries can leverage TagStone Labs  to test and deploy tailored solutions that meet their business needs.