Personnel Tracking

Real-time visibility of your people in hazardous environments.

TagSECURE is TagStone’s location-aware personnel tracking and safety management solution for hazardous environments.

Hazardous environments include oil and gas facilities, nuclear plants, power plants and construction sites, among others.

TagSECURE provides an application for operational safety and security. Current mustering processes rely on either manually capturing personnel information at mustering locations, or require some type of action from onsite personnel (i.e. scan a card). These procedures can take up to 45 minutes to locate a person. Moreover, the manual process increases the chances of miscounting people, or worse, sending rescue teams to save people that are actually in a safe zone.

TagSECURE uses state-of-the-art RFID and GPS technologies to create an automated mustering and personnel tracking solution. In an emergency, the system provides operators with almost instant access to personnel location and POB information.

In addition to mustering information TagSECURE can be extended to integrate with access control systems as well as asset tracking and maintenance solutions for increased operational efficiency.


Ensure the safety, productivity and security of your company’s most valuable resource.

Safety and Security

  • Automated site-wide mustering and evacuation management
  • Rapid threat analysis in a real emergency and rapid evacuation during drills
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance and on-the-fly safety reminders based on personnel location
  • Mustering takes less than 5 minutes (versus 45 minutes in the manual process)
  • More efficient search and rescue

Asset Tracking & Maintenance

  • Increased asset utilization and reduced maintenance costs by accurately tracking asset usage and maintenance history over its lifecycle
  • Reduced leaks and failures caused by incorrectly-repaired or -replaced parts
  • Accurate inventory and service information of onsite parts


Our personnel tracking solutions have been successfully implemented in a range of industries, including the Energy sector.

Companies in other industries can leverage our TagStone Labs to test and deploy tailored solutions that meet their business needs.

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