Inventory Management

Protect and track assets worldwide, and access real-time inventory information as you need it.

TagSHIELD is a weapons and armory management system that is designed and customised to fit the specific needs of organisations handling weapons.


  • A secure, quick and efficient system for authenticating users and their assigned weapon
  • A system that keeps track of all weapons and their users to guarantee accountability and responsibility at all times


  • A single interface connected to all armory locations for quick reliable retrieval of weapon inventory and location information

TagSHIELD is more than just a weapons management solution. It is also used as a critical asset management solution that allows for accurate inventories and authenticated transfer of ownership. This solution facilitates rapid stock-taking and unique identification of assets, current owner and recipient, supported by an underlying authorisation and authentication process.


Our solution provides total asset visibility, so you can make proactive, informed decisions about your business operations.


TagSHIELD has numerous important benefits, including:

  • Provides the ability to automatically issue, track and audit the usage of critical assets across geographically disperse sites –
  • Enables clients to utilise critical assets more efficiently by providing complete inventory and location information of assets through a single interface, and by controlling the usage of these assets through customizable business rules and approval processes
  • Ensures asset user accountability and responsibility, and prevents misuse or malice by providing fully integrated, state-of-the art biometric identification technologies to authorise users
  • Optimises and accelerates business processes by automating manual tasks such as inventorying, checking out and returning assets


Global companies in the Defence & Security industry utilise our inventory management solutions to help drive business decisions.

Businesses in other industries can leverage our TagStone Labs to test and deploy tailored solutions that meet their business needs.