Our Technologies

State-of-the-art technologies to address a range of business challenges.


Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology are battery-powered tags that operate on the microwave, wi-fi, bluetooth or ultra-wide-band spectrum. RTLS can be used up to 100m-500m away from an RTLS receiver to:

  • Identify/Track people, vehicles, containers and other high-value assets in industrial, hazardous and large outdoor environments
  • Determine precise location in a 2D or 3D space within 10cm-7m depending on the technology protocol, infrastructure density and environmental conditions

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology are ultra-low-power battery-operated tags and sensors that are best suited for long-range data collection. IoTs allow for identification and sensor data to be transmitted over long distances (up to 10 miles or 16 km away).

Given the size and cost of the IoT tags and sensors, it is most commonly used in smart city and smart grid applications such as smart parking and smart metering.

Data Analytics

Driving actionable insights from data generated by technology solutions is a key challenge for organisations today.

Big data technology allows businesses to collect, store and analyse massive amounts of data in real time. The insights provided offer many benefits for businesses, including operational savings and revenue opportunities.

By combining RFID, RTLS and the Internet of Things with big data technology, organisations are able to make decisions that benefit customers, improve their performance and disrupt their industries.

Passive RFID

Passive RFID technology are battery-less RFID tags that enables short-range, wireless identification of people, vehicles and assets.

Given the limited reading range of passive RFID tags (8m – 12m from the reader’s antenna), the technology is best suited for zone-based tracking. This includes people and assets passing through entryways/exits, as well as warehouse and inventory management.

Active RFID

Active RFID technology are battery-powered tags that enable medium-range (100m-500m), wireless tracking of people, vehicles and assets.

Active RFID tags are commonly used in a closed-loop supply chain (industrial, hazardous and large outdoor environments) and can be reused many times during its multi-year battery life.


GPS technology are satellite-based location positioning devices that can either be battery-operated or operated from a power source.

GPS is used to continuously track people, high value vehicles and other assets in outdoor environments. Location data is transmitted over GSM/GPRS or RFID/IoT networks depending on the application requirements.

Given the power consumption of GPS devices, the technology is best suited for tracking in closed-loop supply chains where placing physical infrastructure is not possible.


Biometric technology uses fingerprint, facial, iris and voice recognition to provide enhanced identity validation.

It can be paired with RFID, RTLS, and IoT technology to track personnel in indoor and/or outdoor environments.

CCTV & Video Analytics

Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) technology and video analytics provide continuous monitoring of people, vehicles and assets as they move throughout indoor/outdoor environments.

It is commonly used in conjunction with RFID, RTLS, and IoT technology for event-based surveillance.