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Every TagStone solution is focused on achieving optimal business results for our clients. Client satisfaction is the goal of every interaction.


With Nissan scaling their operations to meet the growing automotive market demand, they began evaluating how a Real time vehicle tracking solution could improve efficiencies and be integrated into their existing operations.

The TagFLEET solution gave Nissan a complete picture of the vehicle journey; from Port through to Yard, Sales, and Customer delivery and enabled:

  • A consolidated view of operations across the enterprise
  • The ability to cross compare facility efficiency and productivity over time
  • Explorative data analytics across the enterprise to support strategic decisions such as demand management.

Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer and Sons (MNSS) acquired the Toyota Distributorship from the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in 1956.  Throughput capacity of Al-Sayer Toyota Service centers continues to grow exponentially, presenting a number of opportunities and challenges for the dealership. MNSS approached TagStone for a technology solution that would support the primary goal of improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring information is provided in a timely manner, while increasing efficiency by improving visibility and throughput within their vehicle service facility.

Working with Al-Sayer Service team, we designed a scalable solution that will see the implementation of TagStone’s RFID Vehicle Tracking system, TagFleet, at the Al-Sayer Toyota Service Facility in Kuwait.  It provides accurate, scalable and reliable means to identify and manage the movement of vehicles within the facility.  Al-Sayer Toyota Service Advisors and Managers will be able to easily and quickly locate vehicles, allowing for greater control and flexibility in managing activities through the facility.


Dubai Police is responsible for ensuring that critical and potentially dangerous assets (weapons) are safeguarded and made accessible only to authorised users. However prior to engaging TagStone, their weapons tracking process was completely paper-based, which made it cumbersome and time consuming.

Dubai Police needed a quick, efficient solution that could:

• Maintain profiles for 15,000+ system users in 13 distinct locations

• Ensure that only authorised users had access to each weapon

• Track individual assets and ensure that the asset checked out is the same one returned

Using the TagSHIELD solution, the Dubai Police was able to:

  • Instantly identify and authenticate all critical assets and users
  • Automatically issue, track and audit weapons use across locations
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility of each user for the assets in their custody
  • Minimise processing time (authorisation, location, issue and receipt) for each asset


Saudi Aramco Gray 1

Saudi Aramco approached TagStone to implement a real time personnel tracking system for its offshore barges that provided accommodation on drilling platforms.

TagStone, in partnership with Extronics, implemented an ATEX certified solution delivering the following benefits:

  • Real time visibility and automated head count tracking
  • Automated mustering
  • Improved productivity

ZADCO was established in 1997 under the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to develop and operate the Upper Zakum Field, one of the largest oil fields in the world.

Zain xxs

The leading mobile and data services operator, Zain, partnered with Tagstone to capture the startup spirit and support their innovation drive.  TagStone were appointed to support the Zain Innovation Division in research and development for new products and services.  Tagstone’s offering incorporates a set of capabilities that include thought partnership, incubation, design, development and product management.  The aim of this engagement is to realize Zain’s vision of the future by incubating and experimenting with the latest digital technologies to aid in creating a better experience for its customers.

Tagstone worked closely with Zain Innovation to explore and prototype various technology solutions, that included a mobile based retail sales platform, a self service branch, telepresence robots, an enterprise wide collaboration and community platform, and an idea lifecycle management application.

Our work spanned ideation, harvesting, design and development efforts that focused on improving Zain’s service levels by continuously searching and adopting methods that contribute to enhancing its competitiveness and increasing customer satisfaction across its regions.


When Al-Fahim EMC opened its new Mercedez-Benz facility in Abu Dhabi, the company doubled its service operations, presenting issues of scale and logistics.

Al-Fahim needed a state-of-the-art system that could manage key vehicle logistics such as check-in time and total service time, in order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using the TagFLEET solution, Al Fahim was able to:

  • Achieve a return on investment in 180 days
  • Increase servicing output to 250 cars per day
  • Save 15 minutes per mechanic for every vehicle serviced
  • Reduce average service time for mechanical workshop vehicles by 25%

Relay Engineering approached TagStone to provide a real time people tracking solution for a key client on an offshore facility where worker health and safety was the key driver.

The solution, implemented in partnership with Extronics, provided the following benefits:

  • Automated mustering
  • Real time worker tracking and visibility
  • Man over board assessment
  • Man down alarm