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RFID technology is often used in the retail sector to optimise store inventory processes. However, in addition to creating efficiencies, the technology also can help reduce theft by tracking a product’s entire path throughout the store.

As multi-channel retail continues to grow, successful retailers must create a more seamless shopping experience across all channels. Leveraging in-store inventory is essential to achieving this goal and to maximising revenue potential. Accurate inventory information can optimise order fill rates and enable more flexible fulfillment models, such as online buying and in-store pickups.

RFID, with its ability to count items exponentially faster than the barcode, allows retailers to maintain accurate in-store inventory, and facilitates just-in-time shelf/distribution centre-to-store replenishment.

As RFID inventory becomes more common in retail, it can be a powerful tool to help retailers create value by addressing other challenges such as customer experience improvement, loss prevention and work force execution.