Increase operational and production efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety throughout the supply chain.

In the energy industry, RFID technology can play an important role in increasing operational and production efficiency, reducing costs and improving safety. The ability of RFID tags to track people and objects, and to withstand harsh conditions make the technology suitable throughout the energy supply chain.

TagStone can design tailored RFID technology solutions to address the major challenges many energy companies face, including:

  • Reduced productivity from employees who spend a lot of time tracking missing equipment


  • Repeated production downtime due to parts failures, outages and the time it takes to respond to these incidences
  • Decrease in asset utilisation due to asset and part invisibility, which can lead to overstocking and higher inventory
  • Regulatory non-compliance which may increase the potential for fines and increased hazardous conditions for employees




TagStone’s technology offering can be applied to the majority of the energy supply chain. The solutions are relevant for upstream facilities (exploration and production), through the midstream processes (crude transportation and refining), downstream to the product transportation and storage processes.

TagStone’s industry-compliant solutions can track both people and equipment in hazardous onshore and offshore environments. All hardware is ATEX-certified for use on oil platforms, and each solution is both logically and physically separate which is an important distinction for life-critical applications.

TagStone is our great technology partner.

-George Haddad/CCC


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