Defence & Security

Safe, effective solutions for managing weapons and other critical assets.

Military divisions, police forces, security firms and other defence-related companies need reliable solutions to manage weapons and monitor employees.

For these companies, lack of data accuracy and asset visibility could mean the difference between safety and peril, so tailored technology solutions are of paramount importance.

TagStone leverages versatile wireless technologies to solve mission-critical business challenges.

  • Automatically issue, track, and audit the usage of critical assets across multiple sites
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility for weapons using biometric identification
  • Optimise business processes and minimise the potential for errors by automating manual tasks such as inventorying and asset check-in/check-out
  • Utilise critical assets more efficiently by developing customised business rules and approval processes


TagStone’s solution captures, stores and correlates detailed information about all system transactions, which makes auditing very efficient and the whole process a more optimised one.

-Dubai Police


Automatic Weapons Management for Defence and Security 

An efficient, safe solution that provides full visibility and automation.