Real-time inventory visibility, yard management and other tailored solutions for the automotive industry.

Dealerships and service centres are among the largest and most complex enterprises in the world. Locating assets – during the servicing process or outdoor in the yard – continues to be a major challenge for many automotive companies.

Service centres, in particular, often experience operational challenges – workflow management, historical servicing data – that can lead to reduced productivity and impact customer satisfaction.

TagStone’s RFID technology solutions enable automotive suppliers, logistics providers, OEMs and dealerships to streamline their processes, reduce costs, increase quality control and enhance their customer experience.

Automotive industry

TagStone’s TagFLEET provides Al Fahim Mercedes with value far beyond the basic return on the initial investment…With vehicle management system, we are confident we have a system that will be able to expand as our business grows.

-Al Fahim Group/EMC


Vehicle Logistics Management in the Automotive Industry

TagStone leverages RFID technology to offer efficient, fully-customisable solutions to manage vehicle logistics through every stage of the process.