About Us

We design, build and implement highly-tailored business intelligence solutions that help companies optimise performance and service.

For more than 10 years, TagStone has been the leading wireless business intelligence provider in the Middle East.


We leverage our extensive local expertise, strong alliances with key product vendors and our global network to deliver innovative technology solutions for our clients.

Businesses rely on our consultative approach and our solution offerings – TagSHIELD, TagFLEET, TagSECURE and the TagStone Labs – to address their people, safety, and asset management needs.

As a result, we have helped companies ideate and develop innovative solutions, improve service levels and safety, reduce human error, and control operational costs.

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TagStone Labs

TagStone Labs gives you direct access to emerging technologies and trends, and allows you to test multiple concepts quickly to find the best solution for your business needs.