TagStone awarded Al Fahim Mercedes Benz engagement

TagStone was awarded the Mercedes Abu Dhabi for RFID implementation in their service center. Alfahim Emirates Motor Co., a member of the Alfahim Group, the world’s largest Mercedes Benz facility, sought a solution to decrease the amount of time it took to locate vehicles within its 93,000-square-meter service center. Locating vehicles at the facility took between 30 to 45 minutes per car before an RFID-enabled solution was implemented. TagFleet enabled the vehicles to be tracked from the time a customer arrives at the active service reception, as well as while that car is being repaired in the service center, and to speed up delivery once work is completed. The locating of vehicles has been reduced to 5 to 10 minutes per car, thereby increasing technicians’ productivity, efficiency and utilization. The company’s non-productive staff cost has decreased by 25 percent, with an overall increase in customer satisfaction scores to 95 percent.